It has been a while since my last blog as I have been very busy shooting and editing! So I wanted to share with you all my work & what i’ve been up to from the beginning of 2014!

I have only recently been able to release my work due to the strict nature of submitting, where images must not be published anywhere! I find this so hard to do when you want to share your work with everyone! But finally I can show you all my shoots completed at the beginning of the year that have been published in some amazing magazines! I am so happy with how they have turned out & that they where accepted to magazines that I love so much! As a newbie to magazine submissions I feared rejection but thankfully I got all 3 shoots featured! Yey 😛

It had been a over 6 months since my last test shoot, so I was certain that any creative shoots had to be amazing with new talented creatives and for the purpose of submission. I had the pleasure of working with some wonderful ladies on these shoots which is what I love most about photoshoots, the like minded & inspirational people you meet!

Just to bring you up to speed this is what I spent my last year shooting! Enjoy!

2013  in a picture….

Here is my first cake smash shoot with the adorable Pattie celebrating her 1st birthday! Surprisingly giving a child mass amounts of cake to demolish she did not make as much of mess as hoped but enjoyed the shoot non the less which is the most important! We got some adorable shots of Pattie cake which you can see below!

I have been in contact with florist & makeup artist Debbie Davies for some time after meeting on previous shoots. We had planned on merging our talents to create a beautiful floral beauty shoot which come together so well! So pleased with the shots from the photoshoot & had a wonderful team to make it all happen! Below is some behind the scene images during our shoot & the final publication.

My beauty editorial ‘Beauty in Bloom’ featured in Ellements magazine!

photographer & post production – Michelle Wilson @ MSWphotography

floral design- Louise Jones @ Utopia Creations

hair & makeup artist- Debbie Davies @ Utopia Creations

model- Thea @ Boss Model management




I have know both makeup artist & stylist from the Pickwick shoot from previous shoots and was so excited to work with these talented ladies again for the front cover & editorial of their edition 3! So honoured to be chosen to shoot the front cover & it was my first as well, so exciting!

We shot back at camp & furness in Liverpool a great location & loved the concept of the shoot that really came out in the final shots.

I was excited/nervous to be shooting on black & white film after so many years but what a pleasure it was! I settled back in to shooting on film & was happily surprised to see the results on my processed negatives all turned out as i wanted.

On the release date I attended the Pickwick issue 3 launch in the lantern club in liverpool & had a wonderful time meeting people in the industry & old friends in new places! Live music & a very proud photographer showing off her work made for a lovely evening! 🙂

Grab your copy of Pickwick magazine in local shops in Liverpool!

My fashion editorial ‘Monochromatic Affair’ featured & front cover of Pickwick magazine!

photographer & post production – Michelle Wilson @ MSWphotography

stylist- Louise Dwyer & Diane Dwyer

hair & makeup artist- Nina Rochford

model- Jenny Bishop @ Boss Model management

location- Camp & Furness Liverpool


Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 22.22.38


The all blue shoot was one of the first shot of this year that myself & Kerry had been planning for a long time. We finally got a full team of funny & talented ladies together which ended up after travel drama working out amazingly well! I had such a good time on the shoot & so proud of our team for producing great work!

My fashion editorial ‘Deep Sea Baby’ featured in Like A Lion magazine!

photographer & post production – Michelle Wilson @ MSWphotography

hair stylist- Gloria Mcglashan

fashion stylist- Kerry Saxon

hair & makeup artist- Nina Rochford

model- Kattreya @ Nemesis model agency






my next set of work & publications will be released soon & a blog to closely follow watch this space! 🙂

Thanks for reading Michelle @ MSWphotography x