Although this is a month overdue I wanted to look back on my photography work in 2012 and think about what I wanted to achieve in the new year -2013. I think its important in the new year to recap on what you have done and what you want to do in the following, setting goals, learning from your mistakes etc. I have a few but always learn from them, mainly trying not to let people get in my way of my dreams! I am my own worst critic, and doesn’t matter how much praise you get, it only takes 1 negative comment to put you back down. But in this industry it always happens and I need to toughen up to maintain my place in the photography world. I will not let people walk all over me, although im new compared to most, I have years of experience and a great portfolio with very happy clients who can vouch for my professional work ethic. When I looked back over the 2012 year I thought I hadn’t done as many shoots as I had and was surprised to find how many I had actually done and the wonderful images produced! I have met some amazing & very talented creatives who i will remain good friends with and collaborate in the future with!  I have worked with wonderful clients and learnt about all different aspects of the business from commercial, weddings, large and small business’s and youth projects it has been an eye opener! I really loved doing some amazing creative shoots from ideas I have had in my little book for so long and finally got them out onto photographs! It has been an honour to be involved in so many weddings and I have enjoyed learning all about the process of shooting a wedding which I am so much more confident doing! I really think my skills and confidence have grown so much over the last year and I have developed so much with my work and style. Trying to keep a balance of work tests, weddings, lookbooks, commercial, stock, beauty. portraits etc it has taught me a lot and widened my portfolio. 

My main aims for the current new year is to do even more shoots, get all of those lists of ideas done and complete to have in my portfolio to show my creativity! I ant to branch out and get even more followers & viewers to my work generating more clients and business for myself. To get more published work in magazines- even the dream of the amazing Rankin’s hunger young blood site! I am trying now to only work with the best in the industry professional agency models, mua’s & stylists- a full team of amazing talent makes the image spectacular and i just absorb and am inspired by the drive and creativity of these creatives! I love working with new people and shooting new faces to vary my portfolio, push the boundaries  step out of my comfort zone- try new techniques. I want to learn more lighting styles and develop my skills in photoshop so I can put more into my post production work. I am always keen on learning from other photographers so want to assist some amazing photographers I admire & go on a few workshops to discover a different aspect of photography, you dont learn more than when your on the job!

There is so much I want to do and I just want to shoot everyday! That is my dream to be full time profesional, credited fashion & portrait photographer, paying my bills doing what I love! But I will only get there with hard work and determination, not letting anyone get in my way and putting myself out there as it wont be handed to me on a plate I have to fight for what I want and keep going! I am excited to see what 2013 has to offer MSWphotography and see where it takes me! 

A selection of photography work from 2012!

Here is a little preview of what i have been up to in the begining of 2013 and hope to continue & grow with my work as it gets bigger and better! 🙂 

Was asked to come back again to shoot the wonderful liverpool Wedding Show for a second year, its always great to have returning clients who like your work so much they ask you back! The show was even bigger and better than last year, as hard as it is to believe! There was so many visitors it was hard to fit it all in! but i managed too see the show, live lounge, vip, talks & presentations, capture the wonderful details of all the exhibitors and the guests interacting thats the best for me! see a bride light up with ideas and excitement of her wedding day! and as always a phenomenal show! amazing dancers photographed below from JK dance productions.

The Liverpool Wedding Show, Bliss Wedding Shows, knowsley Safari Park

So for a while i had an idea to do an ‘angel shoot’ but with a difference. Not the usual airy light angelic white scene but a modern, grungy look location & styling but with those angelic features. My inspiration came from the Ed Sheeran video ‘give me love’ which i adore and fell in love with- just wanted to create something of that essence! So i was on the hunt along with my trusty long lost MUA – Vicky back from bath to arrange the shoot and within a week we did it location model & stylist made up! and no problems shockingly enough! 🙂 So we shot in the back warehouse bit of Camp & Furness a wonderful bar/restaurant so quirky and unique. never been before but heard so much about it i was keen to go! i had wanted to shoot there for a long time as there where so many interesting places to shoot! I loved the raw empty derelict areas perfect for our shoot, gave a lost feel we wanted to create. We found a fabulous stylist who managed to get some gorgeous authentic wings just what we wanted with a grunge look- lots of greys/neutrals very casual with splashes of sequins and glitter! being an angel we couldn’t have it all doom & gloom so we wanted a beautiful classic looking blonde angelic model with big eyes & lips for different makeup looks. It was great to work with Vicks again having worked on so much before and meeting new creatives in the industry was fantastic, we all had a great day, cold but great!! Thats what its all about meeting new like minding creative people you can make your dreams & ideas into a reality! 

Photographer/Retoucher: Michelle Wilson @ MSWphotography

Model: Sophie Johnson @ NC model management

Stylist: Kerry Saxon

Make-up Artist: Vicks Tiplady

Location: Camp & Furness, Liverpool

My most recent shoot was with the wonderful Erin who i met a few years ago and wanted to shoot with ever since! thats the problem working with the best team always so busy on jobs its hard to find a date your all free on at same time! But if you want the best you have to have the best! 🙂 So after a few last minute changes finally sorted our shoot and got an amazing stylist and MUA on board! the stylist travelled all the way from london so grateful she made all that effort and the makeup artist have been wanting to work with for a while too so again a full new team and amazing group of women to work with! the shoot was so relaxed and fun, we really enjoyed ourselves! i was able to used the Epic apartments in Liverpool which where absolutely fabulous! Liverpool’s hidden gem! ideal for groups of people wanting to stay in the city, wonderful interior so unique and modern and great location! couldn’t speak highly enough of the wonderful staff and owners who did everything in their power to accomodate to us they where fantastic! 

So the general theme for the shoot i had planned was a wet look, very heavy wet look eyes, glossy skin, wet look hair, a sexy glam high fashion shoot, well styled and put together. I knew Erin would suit this look and pulled it off amazingly as she is such a professional and has amazing figure. It makes such a difference working with professional models who know what they’re doing and need little direction makes my job a lot easier! which is why i try stick to experienced agency represented models, then you know what your getting! we had so many ideas and looks wish i could have done them all but we did manage to shoot about 5 different looks which where all styled and shot in different locations around the apartments to show diversity and give us a range of shots for our portfolios. We started with softer looks and worked our way to the heavier wet look at the end. After ending up practically in the shower with Erin i got all my shots had an amazing shoot and will get so many images from it but here is one of my favourites! 

Photographer/Retoucher: Michelle Wilson @ MSWphotography

Model: Erin O’Neil @ Industry People Agency

Stylist: Kamiylah

Make-up Artist: Lisa Ray 

Location: Epic Apartments, Liverpool