So I have really wanted to do more beauty photoshoots, really up close & personal with amazing faces & gorgeous make up. So that is what I did! See the 4 beauty shoots I have shot below in the last couple of months…

I was honored to be asked by the lovely hair & makeup artists at So Coco Rouge to photograph their advertisement campaign for their new beauty parlour shop window. This was a great chance to just focus on the model and her expression, really highlighting the beauty of the face and all its angles with the detail of the makeup in all its glory. When shooting beauty everything is magnified if it looks out of place- a piece of hair, smudged makeup, the wrong position or angle & lighting is key! Everything needed to be scrutinized and there was a lot of time preening and perfecting the model to get that amazing shot! I believe a good photographer should get the shot as accurate as possible with the camera and only minor touch ups in the editing process.  I don’t relay on photoshop to make my image but just to enhance slightly keeping the shot as natural as possible- I hate overly airbrushed images! That to me is not what photography is about. I try to keep a balance of flawless skin but keeping the natural textures of the face too. The wonderful makeup artists at So Coco rouge wanted a few different looks to appeal to the everyday customer, both glam and natural with a little bit of what So Coco rouge represents! They did a great job as did the wonderful models who where very professional & beautiful!

So Coco Rouge Beauty Advertisement Campaign.

Model: Anastasiya Kasimova @ PHA model agency

Hair & Makeup artist: Sian @ So Coco Rouge

Photographer & Retoucher: MSWphotography

Model: Emma Raven @ Boss model management

Hair & Makeup artist: Robyn @ So Coco Rouge

Photographer & Retoucher: MSWphotography

The lovely So Coco rouge team asked me to return on another project of theirs, a makeup tutorial portfolio day! The girls organised a day where qualified makeup artists come into their beauty parlour to further enhance their skills on hair & makeup and on set behaviour. They are guide on what their books needed and how to create good images.

We had 6 models and 6 make-up artists in total to work with. They create one look in the morning and another in the afternoon, so 12 different looks where created for me to shoot. When each look was shot the makeup artists where guided to perfect their models on set for their beauty headshots, touching up the hair & makeup when needed.

Both models & the makeup artists did very well and below are a selected few images from the day!

So Coco Rouge beauty makeup tutorial portfolio day

Another returning client Olivia Divine Jewellery, wanted to me to shoot their new autumn/winter collection to be featured on the website. This was great to have customers who where happy with my work and coming back for more, makes my work even more satisfying knowing the client is happy! We shot the website collection in the firecracker photo studios which was great! I have my own backdrop but wanted a bigger space and more variety backdrop colours so needed to book a studio. It was my first time using the firecracker studios and i have to say i was very impressed with the helpful staff, great facilities & very reasonable rates! I will most definitely be going back for any future studio use and recommend anyone else looking for a Liverpool based studio to rent. The shoot went really well with familiar faces it was very relaxed with a couple of looks & changes we got through all the pieces needed-a lot long night but a great job done and great to be back in the studio!

Olivia Divine A/W collection shoot

Model: Lucy @ Olivia Divine

Hair & Makeup artist: Sian @ So Coco Rouge

Photographer & Retoucher: MSWphotography

Studio: Firecracker Photo Studios Seel St, Liverpool

I have combined my services with the wonderful hair & makeup artists at So Coco Rouge to offer some wonderful packages at affordable rates! These packages are aimed at both budding aspiring models or professionals looking to update their portfolio with some new beautifully shot images, and to the everyday client to get some stunning portraits of themselves or a loved one  to treasure. It is a wonderful experience whatever package chosen, with pampering and preening from the lovely rougettes giving you an amazing make over and then a relaxed and fun photoshoot with me where you will be photographed at your best! Please see below for details of all our set price lists and bespoke packages on offer!

MSWphotography model portfolio & portrait packages