So it is time to update and tell you all what i have been up to since my last blog! After having a hectic few months at the beginning of the year shooting constantly, I have had some time to edit all of the the wonderful photoshoots i have been doing and share them with you all! They where amazing shoots and I got to meet some wonderful people which i will share below so here goes… Enjoy!

Michelle @ MSWphotography x

The Style Factory Enterprise South Liverpool Academy.

  • Shoot co-ordinator – Caz Moss @ The Style Factory
  • clothing stylist & designers – students from Enterprise South Liverpool Academy
  • mua- Sian & Robyn @ So Coco Rouge
  • models- Kimberely Ventre & Rebecca Cartwright
  • location- Littlewoods Lightbox Studio
So for this shoot i was approached by the lovely Caz @ The Style Factory to shoot the competition winners of the fashion programme.
The style factory introduces the fashion industry and makes it more accessible to young people by running a range of workshops and fashion events, giving an insight into the job roles and career possibilities available to them within the industry.
 Different groups from school and youth clubs in Liverpool took part in the competition to set up their own fashion labels  and made a collection of clothes from scratch. They then competed at a catwalk event at The Hilton last month and the winning group, from Enterpise South Liverpool Academy, have won a fashion shoot of their collection sponsored by Littlewoods at their Lightbox studio HQ to do the shoot.
This was a great opportunity and felt privileged to be working for a worth while cause. I was very excited to be shooting in the lightbox studios and see what goes on behind the familiar catalogues from Littlewoods! Steve the studio manager gave us a tour of the massive studio where they shoot every single thing you see in the catalogues. i was amazed by the production of each set that was built specifically for each shot- a whole room with windows doors furniture was created just to shoot a bedding set and then rebuilt for something else! Madness but very impressive! The studio we used was massive it was great to be back shooting in a studio as i have been on location for so long it was a nice change.
At the shoot i worked with the students to create all the different looks giving them guidance and knowledge of fashion photography and what goes on at shoots! It was great fun, the models where fantastic and i was very impressed with the clothing designs the students had made themselves! We used gel lights for some of the looks to compliment the theme of the clothes and to give an edgier look the students wanted.

SOYU photoshoot for S/S Lookbook- SOYU Wisdom tees & apparel collection

  • shoot co-ordinator – Mike Ng @ SOYU
  • models- Mathew Ainley, James Hardy & Mphatso Lizi
  • mua- Lisa Corness @ So Coco Rouge
  • videographer- Glen @ Sparkle Media
  • location-China Town
This was a fantastic shoot & so thoroughly organised by Mike which has been in the making for years! So I was very happy and honoured to be apart of this exciting new brand of mens clothing from a Local business. It was a change for me shooting with my usual crowd of ladies as I had a very male dominated shoot and 6 men to contend with! (but obviously I did :P) They where a great bunch and the models where lovely guys to work with was a lot of fun and we got some great images from the shoot! I loved shooting in China Town it was so authentic & beautiful, Mike wanted to keep the theme of the shoot rooted to the chinese culture that  the branding originated from which was amazing to do and worked really well! As well as photographing Mike wanted the shoot photographed so had Glen @ Sparkle to video the whole shoot and made some incredible short videos of the day which looked amazing! I was very apprehensive of being filmed at first as being behind the camera I like not having to worry about what I am doing or look like! and with the unflattering stances i get in to when shooting i was concerned with the outcome! but i was very impressed with it and Glen did a great job making it look so professional!
Filming and production by Glen Maguire @ Sparkle Media check out the videos below to see behind the scenes footage of the shoot & me in action! 🙂 – copy the links below to view.
Video 1-
Video 2-
More of my work can be found on the SOYU website-
The SOYU lookbook created with my imagery-

Anthony’s Birthday Party.

  • location- The yellow submarine children’s play centre
As well as fashion shoots I also photograph events including children’s parties! last year I photographed Anthony’s birthday party and they where so pleased with the images that i got to photograph it again this year which is so lovely and great to see the kids grown up so much from a year on! Always great to get returning clients that are happy with your work! I have a great repour with children as i have lots of experience dealing with them and child friendly so i enjoy photographing them, i think it shows in the images as children must trust you to allow them to be natural around you infront of the camera. I had great fun running around the play centre trying to snap the kids in their element playing together. It began to become some what of a game to run away from me which they found hysterical which made my job harder but still got some great photographs of them!


Judge for So Coco Rouge face of competition.

  • fellow judges – Jemma from Think Publicity PR, Caz from The Style factory PR,  Sian & Robyn from So Coco Rouge
  • Location- The Clove Hitch, Hope St, Liverpool.
So my lovely ladies at So CoCo Rouge who i work with on most shoots, asked me to be a judge for their new Face of So Coco rouge competition! I was so very honoured they asked me and felt my judgement was required! I will also be shooting the competition winners campaign ad which will be used for the branding of the company and window displays in their new premises! which will be exciting to see my images shown for the public to see! 🙂
alongside me was Jemma from Think Publicity and Caz from the Style Factory who would give their insight from a PR and advertisement point of view, where i would focus on how the girls photographer and facial features. Sian and Robyn from So coco wanted different insights to keep imparcial and not be biased of their decisions in selecting the right girl.
It was hosted in a private room in the Clove Hitch on Hope St which i absolutely loved! the rougettes had narrowed down the many applicants for the competition to just 11 girls who came for a quick interview where we then decided on the winner! we asked questions on skin care, career, commitments, knowledge of the company and experience of modelling to get an idea of what each person was like, as not only was the winner to be the face of So coco rouge but a ambassador and spokesperson for events so they needed the personality to match! the qualities i looked for where natural beauty, and great even features on the face- to be photogenic and comfortable infront of the camera. it was a tough decision that we deliberated over an amazing dinner courtessy of our hosts & So Coco but we finally chose our winner, which goes to show meeting someone in person can change your opinion from 1 image! It was a great evening and i met some incredible women in the industry!

My best Simon Cowell impression on the judging panel with Jemma & Caz!

The So Coco Rouge team & judging panel!Our chosen winner selected from all the finalist’s was Zara Lena Jackson! Excited to shoot our beauty advertisement with her!

Wedding season!

So from my last blog you will know i photographed the liverpool wedding show, where i met a lot of people made quite a few contacts in the wedding industry! I was approached by Keyhole Studios to photograph some of their weddings which i was delighted to be involved in! having photographed several weddings myself i felt i needed more practice ( a photographer can never have enough practice, you only get better!) and so second shoot was ideal as i gained the experience and knowledge working with the team at Keyhole. this was very new to me as working alone i never had to worry about anyone else but with Keyhole we usually had many people involved recording the clients day, 2 photographers and maybe 2/3 videographers so i had to be aware of other people and think ahead of my positioning. It was great working in a team and getting insight into shooting a wedding day which can be quite stressful from someone with a lot of experience! As second shooter my job was to photograph the grooms party at the church a few nice group shots and natural reportage of the guests arriving. Then I keep to the back of the church to get those lovely long isle shots of the couple together during the ceremony. this follows by the group shots and bride/groom outside or at a set venue, speeches and toasts and table shots at the reception!

Every wedding i have done i feel more confident photographing learning the tricks and handling the lighting. The low light of some churches and ceremony rooms to quickly changing to shooting outside in the bright sunlight means you have to be quick on your toes to change settings in time to capture those all important moments! Every wedding is different and i love the details of the cake flowers, table pieces, venues etc, chosen specifically by the couple for their personal reasons putting that special touch on their day.     I love being able to share someones special day and see all the different emotions that change as the day goes on from the nervous groom waiting at the church to the excitement of them meet in the isle, tears of joy from friends & family and relief and content as the party gets underway!

Wedding 1- Suzanne & Andrew 24/03/2012- All Saints church Childwall & The Atlantic Tower Thistle hotel

Wedding 2- Paula & Neil 28/04/2012St Peters church & Woolton Golf Club

Family Portrait.

mua- Robyn @ So Coco Rouge

home location with studio set up.

My mum has always wanted a profesional photograph done of herself, my nan & my aunty. This was a long time in the making but we finally all agreed on an available date where i set up my back drop and lighting equipment for a home studio portrait shoot. the lovely Robyn from So Coco rouge was the hair and makeup artist to make my the Clifton women feel beautiful and confident infront of the camera, giving the images a profesional look! This process alone was great fun and they loved it, we all had a great laugh on the shoot, I dont think i’ve ever seen my Nan laugh so much as she did! Which is always a good sigh on a shoot to know the client has enjoyed themselves is as much part of the experience as the images produced i think! I think it is always tougher photographing your own friends and family as they are just too familiar and forget that you are a professional and have a job to do! So i do get bossed about and have to shout at them sometimes to control themselves to get the best images! Ha! So as much hard work they are (and they are very hard work!) i love my family with all my heart and loved photographing them and giving them memories of a wonderful day that we can always remember and have great images to cherish!

My next projects will be to continue with weddings, and to organising lots of test shoots to build up my portfolio by working with new agency models & creatives to push boundries and try different styles. i have so many creative ideas i want to do and want to get them all done this year so i can hopefully get a few magazine submissions!

Hope you have enjoyed my blog update more to come & more frequently this time i promise!

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