So I know this is wayyy over due but here is a little blog about some of the  weddings I shot last summer!!

I was asked by a good friend & very talented photographer Sarah at Naic photography to assist her shooting some wonderful weddings in the summer of 2012. After my busy spell of weddings from the earlier spring season I felt very confident shooting these weddings with sarah. I was to cover the grooms men preparation and arrival at the church and ceremony. In addition to the traditional wedding shots of the bridal party and guests, I also love to capture the details of the wedding and the emotions of people in their natural state. These images are my favourite and really represent the atmosphere of the day! My 3rd wedding of the year was for Anthony & Emma in Southport, who had a beautiful traditional wedding which was very touching! I was very honoured to be part of their day and captured some beautiful moments from their wedding day, I hope you enjoy! 🙂

 Wedding 3- Anthony & Emma 09/06/2012Holy Trinity Southport

So in September me & Sarah travelled over to the lovely town of Skipton to photograph a very interesting festival wedding! I was so excited with all the details that I heard about the events of the wedding I couldn’t wait to photograph it! Having just been to my first festival the previous month I was very eager to see the festival style wedding Kylie & Chris had created! We travelled down the night before to check the venues and location we where going to be photographing, to plan our day properly. With having 2 photographers it is important to organise each persons role and how to work together to get the most out of the day and capture all the events needed. The locations where beautiful, and next to the hotel reception was a beautiful canal with barges, with a large park close by. This was perfect to take our group shots of the bridal party away from the guests and get some fun and interesting photographs of everyone! So the next morning we made our way down to the farm house cottages the bride & groom’s  parties where staying which was perfect for me and Sarah to photograph each group separately  I went to photograph the groomsmen and sarah shot the brides, but we also had time with each. The energy before a wedding is always fun, nervous and excited, I love having banter with the wedding party! I use a mixture of documentary styled natural shots and staged traditional shots but keeping to the style of the couple, taking something which is unique to them in their photographs. This is a great way to capture all the unique details the bride and groom have chosen to put in their wedding that represent them which I love so much. This wedding has so many which you will see but I especially loved the festival, relaxed, funky feel to this wedding that made it so fun and quirky! 

Wedding 3- Kylie & Chris 08/09/2012– Skipton

After the morning prep we then followed the bridal party down to the hotel for the wedding reception which was beautiful and very emotional for the couple! Following the wedding reception the guests enjoyed the bride & grooms choice of drinks, pimms & sol beers! I loved this relaxed approach, which was great for taking natural shots of the birde, groom and guests enjoying a drink & catch up!


We then snook the bridal party off along the canal and to the park for the group photographs which was so much fun! With a great group of people, we really captured their personalities & I think photographing in the park made them relive their youth! Ha 


It was then time for us to go back to the wedding venue at the farm to set up and wait for guests to arrive! It was amazing to see the massive tent set up with all the little treats inside and out! Thankfully it was a beautiful hot sunny day, perfect for the outdoor activities around the festival tent venue! 

The party then went indoors for food & speeches! This was a wonderful moment to be present, with tears & laughter you really got to know the couple and their friends & familes and become part of something special. Was hard to keep the camera steady when chuckling away at the best men speech & even wiped a tear away too! beautiful!

 As the night drew in the band came on and the dance floor filled, staying right to the end we photographed the bride & grooms first dance and the many funny shape throwers on the dance floor! these are always great moments to capture when people really let loose and have a good time with a trunk full of props too! This was such a wonderful day to be apart of I thoroughly enjoyed it!

MSWphotography Wedding price lists & packages!

For people asking me about my wedding photography I decided to recreate my wedding packages to a reasonable and popular choice of options. I did a lot of research before creating my packages, looking at my prices making sure they where reasonable and competitive against other photographers and summarised my style of wedding photography and the flexibility I can offer couples to make bespoke packages around their needs and wants! Having more experience with weddings I feel confident in my knowledge of the order process and how to balance being in 50 places at once! being able to capture all those amazing moments you want to treasure forever! I mean why spend so much money and time planning your wedding day to then fall short on not photographing it properly? At the end of the day the food will be eaten, the flowers withered and all you will have left is the memories of the day which can be brought back to life and kept forever in beautiful photographs! (I know im so biased but its true!) Please check out my packages below and contact me if you have any questions at all! I am here to help! Thanks, Michelle @ MSWphotography x