I love being around new people and being part of a wedding day, it is honestly such an honour! I get VIP behind the scenes access all day while you & your wonderful guests get to enjoy every second! I know I’m bias, but your wedding photographs are one of the most important elements about your wedding day! They are the only thing to last a lifetime, treasuring all the wonderful moments of your day you may have forgotten or missed, forever capturing memories. Clients often comment that they didn’t see me, always blending into the background to get that perfect shot! My style is very much candid, non obtrusive documentary to capture real emotion, from the tears to the laughs! I stand back and let the moments happen naturally, they’re the best ones! The most important thing for me is to keep you happy & comfortable all day! I know most are not used to being photographed, but let me assure you this is what I do best! i want your photographs to truly reflect you and your guests having the best time on your wedding day, which means keeping it fun and relaxed to make you feel at ease to capture the best version of you. For those beautiful couple shots I help direct you to get the perfect photograph & help release your inner model! All the while keeping it as natural as possible. I suggest to clients to budget for around an hour for wedding photographs (depending on image requests) & keep the group shots short and sweet to give you time to enjoy your day with each other & your guests!



Not only do I adore photography, but I am totally head over heels in love with travelling! Last year I was lucky enough to photograph a wedding in the stunning Belize. So I took the opportunity to take a month to travel Central and South America! It was so much fun travelling with my friends for the first few weeks in Central America, shooting the most beautiful wedding then off to South America for my first stint of solo travelling! It was daunting heading off on my own but what an adventure I had visiting places I had wanted to go from a young age like Machu Picchu, Peru & the Salt Flats in Uyuni, Bolivia. I met some incredible people along the way and did my best attempt at videography.     Now I am no videographer! So please do not judge my photography abilities on this video, HA! Thankfully the incredible Gemma at Your Film In Film worked her magic pulling together the best bits of my trip to make one hell of a video to share with you all who I am and what I do! Click below to watch & Enjoy! 🙂



Having always taken an obsessive amount of photographs as a teenager, when it come to deciding what career path to take after leaving college, I decided to follow my artistic side and do a photography GCSE course. From developing my own film I fell in love with photography with its captivating nature and decided this was my future. I haven’t looked back since. Following my first course I then completed a Photography Bachelor of Arts Degree at UCLAN where I developed my love of digital, documentary & fashion photography. I was honoured to be selected to exhibit my graduate piece in the Free Range Show in Brick Lane, London. From graduating I have ran a part time freelance photography business covering the UK & beyond, growing my knowledge and passion for photography. My happy place is probably in my cozy bed with tea & chocolate with a movie on! I love tea and chocolate, that is my ultimate happiness and a day rarely goes by I am without them! I am huge movie buff, my favourites are chick flicks but no scary movies for me- I’m a wuss! I am a big photography geek and would much rather spend my money on a shiny new lens than a pair of shoes! I caught the travel bug at 19 and have been travelling the world ever since. Combining my love of new places and people I have been able to visit some incredible countries including, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, North America, Cuba, Mexico, Belize, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Austria, Iceland, The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Greek islands & a few more! There are so many more places I want to visit until I can complete my scratch map! So if your services require me overseas count me in!