I love being around new people and being part of a wedding day, it is honestly such an honour! I get VIP behind the scenes access all day while you & your wonderful guests get to enjoy every second! I know I’m biased, but your wedding photographs are one of the most important elements about your wedding day! They are the only thing to last a lifetime, treasuring all the wonderful moments of your day you may have forgotten or missed, forever capturing memories. Clients often comment that they didn’t see me, always blending into the background to get that perfect shot! My style is very much candid, non obtrusive documentary to capture real emotion, from the tears to the laughs! I stand back and let the moments happen naturally, they’re the best ones! The most important thing for me is to keep you happy & comfortable all day! I know most are not used to being photographed, but let me assure you this is what I do best!